Committment to Student Success

The CartersWhen Dr. J. E. Lindsay Carter began his tenure at SDSU in 1962 (San Diego State College at the time), we were getting the cream of the crop. A graduate from New Zealand University of Otago, School of Physical Education in 1952; Fulbright Scholarship and Ph.D. at University of Iowa, 1956- 59. In addition, he has received two Honorary Doctorates, from Semmelweis University in Bucharest, Hungary (1998) and Vrije Universiteit Brussel in Brussels, Belgium (2005) for his contributions to physique and performance.

Dr. Carter was involved in the development of new degrees and programs within the Department of Physical Education from 1962- 92. (Physical Education is now part of the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences at SDSU.)

Early on, Dr. Carter had a passion for physical activity and the benefits it had on one's health. In New Zealand, his favorite college experience was an outdoor camping trip to Trotter's Gorge and his favorite class was Human Anatomy. He wants to encourage students to pursue their passions and he leads by example.

In addition to health and fitness, Dr. Carter consults with international colleagues and is keen on travel and family genealogy. It is no surprise that Lindsay fell in love at the University of Iowa with Lolita Diñoso, Ph.D., a modern dance teacher originally from the Philippines. She received her formal education and developed a solid background in Philippine Folk Dance at the University of the Philippines.

In 1974, Lolita Carter founded the Samahan Philippine Dance Company in San Diego in order to provide Filipino youth the opportunity to gain knowledge and appreciation of their cultural heritage. The dance company is thriving today as the Samahan Filipino American Performing Arts and Education Center. Additionally, Lolita started the dance program at Grossmont Community College in 1964 and taught there until she retired in 1988. Sadly, Lolita passed away in 2011 but left behind a lasting legacy of education to her students and love to her husband of 53 years.

In reflecting on Lolita's life and his own, Dr. Carter decided he wanted their legacy to include helping students to overcome financial barriers and achieve academic success. In 2013, through a bequest supporting the College of Health and Human Services, he established the J.E. Lindsay Carter Endowed Scholarship in support of graduate students in the School of Exercise and Nutritional Sciences. His gift will allow students facing financial barriers to achieve graduate degrees and set them on a path toward pursuing their own passions and career success.

The above photo is of Dr. Lolita Diñoso Carter and Dr. Lindsay Carter at the San Diego Dance Alliance Awards in 2000.