Finding the Perfect Giving Solution

Matt and Stephanie DatheThe Dathes are both graduates of SDSU and met through the SDSU Alumni Association. For years they've served in various volunteer leadership positions, and are fans of SDSU Athletics. SDSU has played an important role in their educational and social lives. Wanting to give back was a natural desire, but they found it difficult to decide on how to do that in a meaningful way beyond their one-time gifts.

"There are so many giving options, I was overwhelmed," explains Matt Dathe. "Life is a moving target and coming up with a specific amount to donate or a way to give was not easy for us as we bought a house, advanced in our careers and started a family."

The right solution for the Dathes was a planned gift through the Heritage Society.

The Heritage Society honors individuals who have generously named San Diego State as a beneficiary in their estate plans or planned gifts. Since most of these gifts will be realized by San Diego State after the lifetime of the donor, the Heritage Society was created to thank donors in the present for their generous intentions.

"The Heritage Society was a perfect solution for us. It allowed us to give a percentage of our estate, and still have the flexibility to change it to a specific amount as we progress through the years. It has given us piece of mind knowing that we've given back in a substantial way," explained Dathe.

Although there are many ways to give planned gifts and be recognized in the Heritage Society, one of the easiest is through a simple bequest. The donor fills out a form and mails it to the University. The University will send out a letter of intent to be signed. One copy goes to the University and the other to the donor. That's it. There's no up front cost, and it's fully modifiable and revokable, and serves as your commitment to the University.