Focus on Alumni Engagement

Alan DulgeroffAlan Dulgeroff ('92) is a busy guy, especially with regard to his involvement at San Diego State University. He is a member of the university's Career Services Advisory Board, sits on the College of Engineering's Electrical Engineering Curriculum Advisory Board, and has served as president of SDSU Alumni.

In a June 15 ceremony at the SDSU Alumni Advisory Board meeting, Dulgeroff was symbolically handed the president's gavel by Perette Godwin ('86), the board's immediate past president. He will officially assume his new position July 1. "I want to emphasize that I really appreciate the opportunity," Dulgeroff said. "I feel privileged to serve."

Currently director of strategic planning for San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E), the 47-year-old Dulgeroff is a lifetime member of the SDSU Alumni Association. He has served on its board the past four years. In the coming year, Dulgeroff intends to make alumni engagement a top priority. "We need to tailor [involvement] to the kinds of things our alumni are passionate about," he said.

"It's usually around time, talent and treasure — whether they want to be a mentor, for example, use a particular skill to help the university or its students, or donate to scholarships or other programs. The nature of the engagement must be personalized so that they own it and ultimately stay more engaged."

One of Dulgeroff's passions is the Aztec Mentor Program (AMP). He has helped forge a link between AMP and SDG&E. He also helps his company recruit on campus. Dulgeroff estimates approximate-ly 10 percent of SDG&E's 4,000 or so employees are Aztec alumni.

"That's a large number of Aztecs we've hired and continue to hire every year," he said. "We're back on campus every semester recruiting and that has not stopped since I got involved with recruiting about 15 years ago, so we are very active in hiring Aztecs."

The new president describes himself as someone who likes to innovate, create and take things to the next level. "Every role I take on, I like to move it forward, to extend beyond what's been done before," he said.

The father of a 22-month-old son with another baby boy on the way, he places a lot of emphasis on family. "They are my top priority," he said. "It starts with my family. I view my fellow board members, the university and even the broader alumni group like extended family and that's why I put so much into my service to SDSU." It is this mindset which motivated Alan to include SDSU in his estate plan for the support Electrical Engineering programs within the College of Engineering at SDSU.