Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Javier and Leticia AlonsoJavier and Leticia Alonso share a special connection to SDSU. Javier received his Bachelor of Science in Applied Arts and Science Civil Engineering and his wife, Leticia, worked as an Administrative Assistant in the Communicative Disorder Department within the Speech Pathology Ph.D. Program. Both worked very hard in their careers and are now enjoying retirement together, making time to enjoy the life they have built together. In speaking with them, their strong work ethic, love of family, and passion for philanthropy are evident in the memories they share and plans they make for the future.

In looking back on his own experience as an undergraduate student, Javier recalls his favorite class, Concrete Design, and how proud he was on the day he received his Bachelor of Science and became licensed as a Professional Engineer. His education laid the foundation for a successful and fulfilling professional career. He remembers starting his career with Caltrans in Los Angeles and the satisfaction of having a job which challenged him.

He enjoyed the autonomy of working in Construction in Santa Barbara where he could use his Engineering expertise to make critical decisions. Later in his career he felt immense pride in knowing his college and work experiences enabled him to become the Constructability Coordinator in the San Diego office, in chard of the quality of the plans and final construction project.

Given these experiences, their values, and motto to “Live for today, plan for tomorrow,” Javier and Leticia created their estate plan with a portion designated toward higher education, specifically a bequest in support of the Civil Engineering Department within the College of Engineering at San Diego State University. As a couple, they believe that higher education is crucial for the development of the individual and mankind. For Javier, it was important to give back to his alma mater to improve not only the lives of students at SDSU, but the future of the human race.

Today, Javier and Leticia are looking toward the future with excitement not only for the adventures they are about to embark on, but those of the younger generations who are currently forging their own paths. Javier’s advice to students today is to get involved with a professional organization or local community; take their EIT (Fundamentals in Engineering/Engineer in Training) exam as soon as they are eligible; embrace job hunting to gain experience in interviewing; and most importantly to not be afraid of responsibility and challenges. He wants them to embrace the words which helped him along his path…nothing risked, nothing gained.