Make a Connection

Wendy ReubenWhen Wendy Reuben graduated from San Diego State with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication, she knew making and maintaining connections with her classmates, professors and other organizational leaders would be key. She credits her involvement with San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce, Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and Kappa Delta Sorority in creating some of the business relationships she currently holds.

After graduation in December of 1978, Wendy accepted internships that allowed her to hone the skills she learned at SDSU. After receiving Marketing/Communication Assistant positions at a variety of different PR companies for a couple years, Wendy received a referral to Price Club (which was later bought out by Costco) from a contact she knew through the San Diego Junior Chamber of Commerce, and she has been with Costco ever since. Volunteering and getting involved are two of Wendy's passions. She's so passionate about them in fact, her number one piece of advice for current SDSU students is to get involved and get an internship. She believes internships will help students use their book knowledge in a setting that will be critical in their futures. She also encourages students to volunteer at a non-profit or professional organization to create relationships and make connections that will get their name out to possible employers.

Ms. Reuben recently stated, "Alan Center and Barbara W. Hartung were very influential on me, as they were currently in the field while I was pursuing my degree. This helped me to keep up-to-date on exciting new advances in the field of communications. I am really thankful that SDSU provided me opportunities that I otherwise may not have had."

So thankful in fact, she has decided to make a gift to San Diego State University through her will to benefit the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts. Ms. Reuben's gift and gifts like hers will allow generations of students at San Diego State University to continue making and maintaining connections with classmates, professors and organizational leaders while bettering their futures.