A Dedicated Fan with Eyes on the Future

Brian MillerIt only takes attending one game, match, or event to understand why SDSU Athletics has one of the most dedicated and loyal fan bases in the country. These fans come ready to cheer on the mighty Aztecs to the very end. "S.D.S.U. SDSU Aztecs Fight!" can be heard echoing across the stands. Among these dedicated fans is former SDSU employee, Brian Miller.

Brian's experience with SDSU athletics came when he was hired by the Aztec Athletic Ticket Office. Here, he was tasked with influencing Aztec football and basketball fans to purchase game and season tickets for those programs. "I had so much fun working in the ticket office," remembered Brian, "My family was/is from the mid-west but they could see how much I enjoyed myself in San Diego and working for SDSU athletics. To that extent, they were happy for me that I found a 'home'."

Behind all the touchdowns, homeruns, and baskets, there is a side to athletics that most fans are not aware of. Employees like Brian are essential in providing fans the opportunity to cheer on their team.

Despite his love for SDSU Athletics, Brian understands the importance of universities being a sanctuary of higher learning. Forwarding the athletics programs cannot happen without the continuous improvement of the university campus that provides opportunity for many.

"I was there when the 'old' campus was rebuilt and reinvested into a modern, state of the art, beautiful 'new' campus," said Brian. It was because of this improvement that "the seeds were planted for raising the quality and competitiveness of the athletics programs." The goal for Brian: "I'd love to see the university thrive and offer its students, and San Diego, the best of both worlds."

Brian is looking to make this goal a reality by continuing his support of SDSU with a planned gift. It's with this fighting spirit that SDSU can achieve its long-term goals of becoming a nation leading university. In the words of the Aztec "Fight song", "We will fight till victory!"